Located in the heart of historic downtown Flagstaff, right off of Route 66


Locally owned and operated!!

The owners of the Alpine Pedaler are Flagstaff natives with deep ties and roots in the community. We have five excellent drivers / tour guides/ DJ's who make sure that your experience is one of the best and filled with fun, entertainment and laughs for all ages!

The Alpine Pedaler consists of a fleet of 3 human-powered pedal bikes consisting of two trolleys and a smaller 6 passenger bike which has been nicknamed the "Crab" bike. Each of the trolleys will seat 7-14 passengers and are fully equipped with a driver/guide, a rocking sound system, LED lights, complimentary water, cup holders and a cooler! You may bring your own beer or wine on the trolleys, please refer to our FAQ/Policies section for more details.

The crab bike is one of a kind! Everyone sits in a circle and all pedal in one direction! It received its name after a vote on Facebook. The crab will seat 4-6 people and is fully equipped with a driver/guide, a stereo, complimentary water and an optional umbrella for some shade on those sunny days or ambient light at night!


(928) 213-9233

Where are we located?

The bikes are stored in a garage in downtown Flagstaff keeping the bikes clean and in pristine condition. 

Prior to the start of each tour, the driver will pull the bike out and park it at the starting location.

All of the tours have designated starting locations as indicated on the booking page. Tours start/stop from either Hops on Birch or Collin's Irish Pub

What does each tour consist of?

Most tours are 2 hours long and consist of 3 stops which are determined by you at the time of your arrival. Please refer to your booking page for where your tour starts/stops. We have partnered with several local bars, restaurants and local shops in downtown Flagstaff to provide you with discounts at these locations. Please refer to Tour Stops for details on the current specials at each stop.